Rochester Vendor Badges

rv badges

We now offer Rochester Vendor member badges!

If you would like a badge, please join our Facebook discussion group page and enter the name & business name you want on your badge, on this post.  Once you submit your info on this post, Hanna will post a draft for your approval.  She will then email it to me, and I will print the badge and mail the badge & lanyard to you.

The cost of the badge & lanyard is $1.00.

Your badge will look like this, with your name & business on it.



You will receive an orange lanyard, plastic badge holder to clip it to, and your printed badge will be inside of the badge holder.

*Note* – the actual badges were printed on regular paper, not cardstock, as it was too thick for my printer and kept jamming it.  You may wish to laminate it, or glue/tape it to cardstock yourself to make it a little more sturdy.


You have 2 options for payment:

  1. You can pay $1 in cash at a show.  Click here and enter your name & business under the shows you will be attending.  You can see what shows I will be at – I am listed as Valerie Wilson / Eartherella.  Message me through FB or tag me in a post on the RV group page, letting me know what show you would like to pick up your badge at, so I can make sure I bring it with me.
  2. You can pay using the Paypal button below, and I will mail your badge & lanyard to you.  There is a $2.95 shipping fee.  I cannot just mail these in a paper envelope, due to the metal clip on the lanyard, so they will be shipped via First Class Package in a poly mailer with bubble wrap.  I can ship multiple badges together for the $2.95 shipping.  This will cover my cost of shipping materials & Paypal fees.

If you want to pay with Paypal and have your badge & lanyard mailed to you, enter your badge name in the field below, and then click the Buy Now button to continue.

Badge Name